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About HPS Simulations- HPS

Simulations call themselves "The Wargamer's Company" and this is certainly a fitting name. Their primary target audience consists of serious gamers that seek the ultimate in reality and historical accuracy. In 1999,
John Tiller (of Battleground Series and CampaignSeries fame) began developing computer wargames for HPS.

Tom Hook joined the John Tiller team with the assistance of his brother Lee Quantrell who is a play-tester for Tiller group. Creating period correct music for military strategy games covering the last 250 years has been a sometimes daunting and satisfying challenge for Tom. Realizing that the music of choice of the average foot soldier is not usually music from the classical arena, Tom has always tried to balance "classical" and popular music in his scores whenever possible. It has involved touching on everything from the fife and drum tunes of the 1700's, the banjos and fiddles of the mid 19 th century, the swing ballads of the 1940's, through the heavy metal rock of the 1960's and on into the New Age pop of the 1980's. This popular music has allbeen balanced with an equal amount of classic military marching band music. By clicking on the web link below you can find the HPS Simulations home page which lists the numerous titles that they offer, most of which have music created by Tom Hook. www. hps 

Tom has created three full-length compilations on CD

from three distinct arenas containing some of his favorites:
  "Marching in the Deserter" contains tunes from the French and Indian War, The American
  Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.
  "Marching With Napoleon" contains music from the Napoleanic Wars
  "The Homespun Dress" contains music from the American Civil War

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Wargames featuring music by Tom Hook- Naval Campaigns- Naval Campaigns 1: Jutland Naval Campaigns 2: Tsushima Naval Campaigns 3:Guadalcanal Panzer Campaigns:  Panzer Campaigns:  Smolensk '41  Panzer Campaigns:  Normandy '44  Panzer Campaigns:  Kharkov '42 Panzer Campaigns:  Tobruk '41  Panzer Campaigns: Bulge '44  Panzer Campaigns: Korsun '44  Panzer Campaigns : Kursk '43  Panzer Campaigns: Sicily '43 Panzer Campaigns: Rzhev '42 Panzer Campaigns: Operation Market-Garden Panzer Campaigns: El Alamein '42 Panzer Campaigns: France '40 Panzer Campaigns: Salerno '43 Panzer Campaigns: Moscow '41 Panzer Campaigns: Stalingrad '42 Panzer Campaigns: Budapest '45 Panzer Campaigns: Minsk '44 Panzer Campaigns: First Blitzkrieg Modern War Total War in Europe: War on the Southern Front Squad Battles Squad Battles: Eagles Strike Squad Battles: Tour of Duty The Proud and the Few Squad Battles: Vietnam Squad Battles: the Korean War Squad Battles: Advance of the Reich  Squad Battles: Soviet-Afghan War Squad Battles: Pacific War Squad Battles: Dien Bien Phu  Decisive Action -  Decisive Action - Fulda Gap '85 Decisive Action -Mid East '67 Decisive Action - Korea '85 Decisive Action - North German Plain '85 Decisive Action - Danube Front '85  Modern Air Power Modern Air Power-War Over Vietnam  Modern Air Power-War Over the MidEast  Napoleanic Wars  Campaign Eckmuhl  Napoleon's Russian Campaign Napoleonic Battles: Wagram Napoleonic Battles: Jena-Auerstadt Napoleonic Battles: Waterloo Napoleonic Battles: Austerlitz  Early American Wars Campaign 1776: The American Revolution  The War of 1812: The Conquest of Canada  The French and Indian War Campaign Corinth  Ozark  Campaign Campaign Franklin Campaign Gettysburg Campaign Peninsula Campaign Shiloh Campaign Vicksburg Campaign Chickamauga  Campaign Atlanta Campaign Antietam Campaign Chancelorsville