Black Dog Archive

The entire recorded archive of the Black Dog Jazz Band are now only available in digital download format. Each tune is 99 cents, downloaded from my Dropbox account or forwarded via e-mail as mp3 attachments. If interested in any or all of these classic recordings please feel free to contact me at

Black Dogs on Bourbon - 2006
The last Black Dog album represented the Dog’s return to their roots in Traditional Jazz Band.
Members agree that it is probably the best Trad album since Come Hear the Truth. Featuring two original compositions by Matt Perrine, some brilliant arrangements by David Poe, and a host of Trad Jazz classics.

This is a killer album for fans of New Orleans Jazz.

Includes: Le Richelou, I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good / Let Me Take You To the Mardi Gras, Snake Rag,
Milenberg Joys, New Orleans, Wa Da Da, Toulouse Street Blues, Louisiana, Old Folks, Mahogany Hall Stomp,
The Second Line, Joe Avery Blues, Clementine, San
Les Chiens Noirs - 2003
This version of the band features the vocal stylings of Brady McKay, as well as the return to the front line of David Jones, with Terry Myers replacing David Poe on the reed chair.

Includes: Don't You Feel My Leg, You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To, Going Crazy With the Blues, Within This Heart of Mine, Your Mind Is OnVacation, I Never Talk to Strangers, I'm Shrinking Up Fast, Wedding In Cherokee County, Canned Music, Muddy Water, Meet the Boys on the Battlefront, Raisin' the Rent, Thou Swell
Dog Biscuits - 1999
A collection of favorite Traditional Jazz pieces from the Black Dog catalog. Compiled by our friends at the Terrifvic Jazz Party in Victoria BC.
Includes: The Chant, Rhythm King, Borneo, Jubilee, Roll the Patrol, Oriental Strut, Blue Bayou, Georgia Swing, My Iguana,Kansas City Shuffle, Hellhound Callin' My Name, Boys in the Backroom, Junco Partner, Titanic man,

Down Home Rag 
Basin St. Blues - 1996
Also recorded at SeaFax with Ed Metz back on drums. The best of the later Black Dog recordings. Great sounds on an eclectic mix of tunes.
Album includes: Basin Street Blues, When It's Sleepy Time Down South, Riverman, Dusky Stevedore, Hold Tight,
Ooh Pooh Pah Pah Doo, I Wanna Be Like You, Ostrich Walk, A Kiss To Build Dream On, Sent  for You Yesterday,
Waitin' for the Floats to Arrive, Big Ten Inch 
Music For Mardi Gras - 1995
The best selling Black Dog record of all time, now in its fourth pressing. All your Mardi Gras favorites from several different recordings.
Includes: The Big Parade, Mardi Gras Mambo, Who Shot the La La?, Junco Partner, Don't You Just Know It?, Tipitina, Hey Pockyway, I Like It Like That, Carnival Time, Mardi Gras In New Orleans, Don't You Know Jacomo?, Iko Iko,

Goin' Back to New Orleans, Audubon Zoo, Big Bass Drum
Doggie Style - 1995
Recorded at SeaFax Studios in Victoria with Gullotta back in the BlackDog horn line, David Post on drums.
We got great sounds from the Sea Fax team.
This album includes: Good Rockin' at Midnight, I Like It Like That, Reet Petite and Gone, Guess I'll Go Back Home This Summer, Saxophobia, Louisiana, The Big Parade, When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo, Lucky Old Sun, Salt Pork West Virginia, Dinah, Iko Iko

Just Say Woof - 1994
Recorded in the basement of a social hall in Victoria ,  BC.  Terry Myers in on reeds, Durham replaces Gannett
on bass and tuba. Eddie Metz is grounded to his room and is replaced  by David Post on drums.
Album includes: Milenburg Joys, Don't You Know Jockamo, New Orleans Stomp, Outskirts of Town,
King Chanticleer, Caldonia, Tipitina, Texas and Pacific, MotenSwing, Wonderful World

The Terrier Brothers - 1993
Recorded at Roan Studios during the height of the jump-jive revival. Sax man Steve Johnson replaced Gullotta on trombone.
Album includes : Back to Beale Street, Don't You Just Know It, Run Joe, Blueberry Hill, Barnyard Boogie,

Big Bass Drum, Saturday Night Fish Fry, Audubon Zoo, How Long Blues, Ain't Nobody Here But us Chickens, Iko Iko

Off the Leash – 1992
First album recorded after Steve Yocum and Bob Leary left the band. Features the addition of Pat Gullotta on
trombone and Bobby Durham on guitar, banjo, and bass. Recorded in Tom Hook's living room, mixed by Disney sound wizard Jim Glass. A real indicator of what the Black Dogs were to evolve into.
This album includes: Shimmy Sha Wobble, Black Maria, Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night, Jolie Blon,
Jambalaya, Mardi Gras Mambo, South Rampart Street Parade, The Chant, LizaLee, Choo Choo Ch-Boogie,
I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues, Who Stole the Kishka?, Yellow Dog Blues, Hey Pockyway 

Head Sessions - 1991
Recorded during a massive thunderstorm at a Church in Winter Garden, Fl. Utilizing bizarre technology where an actual human torso with microphones implanted in the ears was used as the recording device.
Includes: The Chant, Borneo , Save the Bones for Henry Jones, Whinin' Boy Blues, Canal Street Blues

Because We Can - 1991
Session was done at Rhythmatic Studio in Altamonte, FL. David Poe replaced Jim Buchmann on reeds. 

Same Black Dogs, same old tricks: Stampede, Baby Brown, Le Marchand du Poisson, Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy, Ohio 1903, Georgia Camp  Meeting, Missouri Wobble, Mardi Gras In New Orleans, Shake It and Break It, Hellhound Calling My Name, East St. Louis Toodle-oo, I Wish Was In New Orleans, Copenhagen

Dog Daze - 1990

Features the original band personnel, recorded at Lone Pine Studios.  A continuation of the original Black Dog project 
includes: Georgia Swing, I Like New Orleans, Clarinet Marmalade, Have Pity on Me, Boys in the Back Room, Dixie Chicken, Jubilee, Kansas City Shuffle, Black Cat Moan, Down Home Rag, Nobody's There, Panama

Come Hear the Truth – 1989
The first Black Dog album, recorded at Lone Pine Studios in Orlando. Each tune dissected and rehearsed
chorus by chorus. This album is highly produced, and arguably the best of the early years.
Includes: Fuss  Mabel, Titanic Man, Frogimore Rag, Blue Bayou, Weatherbird, Junco Partner,
Oriental Strut, Roll the Patrol, Rhythm King, Tia Juana, My Iguana, Raise Your Eyes Up



Tom Hook and the Swamp Dogs - 1995
This excellent album was recorded by Tom Hook's staff band on board the Mississippi Queen. Like a Black Dog album in every respect except for personnel. Very tight ensemble recorded at Ultrasonic Studios in New Orleans.
Includes: At the Swing Cats Ball, Carnival Time, Ball & Chain, After My Laughter Came Tears,
How Long Must I Wait for   You, Goin'Back to New Orleans, Doug the Jitterbug, Who Shot the La La?,  Borneo, Old Folks,  Boogie Woogie Blue Plate, Music Biznessman

Guess I'll Go Back Home this Summer - 1994
Solo project by Tom Hook featuring some additional numbers from the Dog catalog and Dave Gannet's
milestone recording"Tubas From Hell". A very introspective collection.
Includes: How Long Blues, Come Home, Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night,
Guess I'll Go Back Home This Summer, I Got Right To Sing the Blues, Tom Traubert's Blues,
Leaving You Behind, Martha, Hellhound Callin' My Name, Nobody's There