Welcome to the home of  Tom Hook on the World Wide Web. This site is also the portal to some of Tom's artistic endeavors, The Terrier Brothers, New Orleans All-Stars, solo music projects, The Black Dog Jazz Band, his one-man historical drama, "Riverman!", his live Civil War music project, the “Muddy Valley Serenaders” as well as a section devoted to his military music compositions for John Tiller and HPS Simulations, leaders in the world of military strategy games. 

Also check out the downloadable video clip for Tom’s beautiful country ballad,“Straight” off of the “Hangin’ at the Big Bamboo” album. We also have included audio and video clips from "Riverman!" Tom's one-man show detailing "One Man's Journey into 19 th Century America". Lovers of military music will find sound bytes from music compilations based on music from the Napoleanic Wars, and from American history, the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the American Civil War.

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